Ankle Weights: Exercises and the Benefits

Ankle Weights Exercises

Widely used to increase workout intensity, ankle weights are a fitness tool that is usually fastened to the lower leg – creating a resistance during exercises. When utilised properly, they can provide excellent strength support to the lower body – quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Exercises That Use Ankle Weights

Leg Lift

The leg lift is an abs isolation exercise that is similar to V-ups but without the need to move the arms. It works both the lower and the upper abs – performed from a face-up position on the floor, with the legs raised above the body.

How to do it:

  1. Place your hands by your sides, then lift your leg six inches off the floor with the ankle weights securely fastened.
  2. Raise your legs until you reach a 30-degree angle in a smooth motion.
  3. Slowly lower them and repeat for 15 to 20 reps.

Bicycle Crunches

Typically focused on the abdominal area, bicycle crunches work the upper abs. They can be performed while you are lying on the floor.

How to do it:

  1. Lie flat and lift both legs about 10 inches from the floor.
  2. Place your hands either side of your head and move your right elbow up and to the centre, while lifting your left leg and bending it at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Pause briefly, then reverse the move and bring your left elbow and right knee towards each other as your left leg is extended.
  4. Go back and forth in a cycling motion 15 to 20 times.

Leg Extensions

An isolation exercise that strengthens the quadriceps, leg extensions are a simple movement that only involves the knees.

How to do it:

  1. Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Raise your right foot and extend your leg straight in a steady motion.
  3. Slowly lower your foot until it rests just above the floor and repeat.
  4. Switch legs after 10 to 12 reps.

Benefits of Ankle Weights

Tones the Body

Even without any resistance, leg raises still give shape to the legs. However, adding resistance will enhance the workout.

Add more weight during the exercise, as this will be more effective, building stronger muscles than normal reps. By continuously increasing the weight on your ankles, expect to attain your desired leg shape within a few weeks.

Increases Endurance

Extra weight adds extra force; thus, increasing overall endurance – which can result in the improvement of cardiovascular and pulmonary health. This will eventually boost stamina.

Burns a lot of Calories

By using extra weight, this helps the body to shed the pounds in less time. A workout combined with ankle weights pushes the body to exert more energy – thus, burning more calories.

Since our body tends to get used to the workout we perform on a regular basis, it is equally important to include variations to the workout to force your body to adapt to a new routine that is not yet logged in your muscle memory.

Offers Versatility

Ankle weights introduce variety and variability to the exercise. They can be used both for stationary exercises or for those that require many movements, such as brisk walking and jogging.

Improves Water Workouts

Swimmers are now using ankle weights in their training to further enhance their skills.

This simple piece of training equipment can make all the difference to your exercise routines. Buy steroids online in the UK today and power your way to your fitness goals!

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Slow and Fast Reps: Which Work Best?


For a successful workout, speed is a huge factor to consider. Since it affects the results of your strength and muscle development training, it is important to decide whether you should opt for slow or fast repetitions to achieve your desired outcomes.

Here’s an overview of the differences between the two:

Slow Reps

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Give more control over the weights and the body’s movements
  • Allot more time for muscle tension
  • Increase blood flow
  • Ensure maximum effort
  • Effective if you’re aiming to grow and build muscles

Fast Reps

  • Ideal for people who perform explosive movements
  • Maintain good form despite the speed
  • Minimise tension
  • Boost overall power and strength
  • Reach muscle fatigue quicker
  • Effective if you’re aiming to grow muscle quickly


Eventually, the muscles will stretch and contract after any type of repetitions. This will result in microscopic tears to the muscles, which last from 24 to 38 hours. Expect the muscles to grow and become stronger during the recovery period.

The Takeaway

Whether you are a fast lifter or you prefer the slower approach, both reps are equally beneficial for the body. For lifters who aim to build a more muscular physique, try the slower reps. However, if gaining strength is the primary goal, intensify the workout with fast reps.

See even more impressive results when you buy authentic and efficient steroids online from Strength and Steroids! 

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Tips to Keep Your Card Safe While Buying Steroids Online

After the introduction of credit cards in online shopping, people are using it for the purchase of various kinds of items. Purchasing through a credit card provide the buyer complete privacy while shopping discreet items like steroids. This is why it is gaining so much popularity in the virtual market.

Almost all the companies present online now provide this facility. But, to buy steroids online with credit card, you must follow few points as there are so many forgeries going in the market. Following these tips will help you to avoid those forgeries and buy the item safely.

buy steroids online with credit card

Tips you must follow while shopping with a card online

•         You will find lots of companies selling steroids online. It is not necessary that all of them are genuine. Many fake websites are there for your money only. The best thing to go for is to type the address yourself. It is found that when a person types the address themselves instead of clicking on the link, they are directly taken to the genuine site and not to the fake one. Even the bookmarks also get corrupted after some time. So, it is better to keep those data up-to-date. So, always do it yourself when you are planning to buy steroids using your credit card from online websites.

•         Never use your credit card on those websites whose address does not start with https sign. It is the symbol that the website is protected by the high security provided by the virtual network. Another thing to check for the security purpose is a padlock or VeriSign insignia at the bottom of the page. Both of them is the indication that the site is encrypted and your personal data will remain safe. You can also use the latest software to block malicious scripts.

•         You must think twice while using a Wi-Fi connection for shopping with credit cards. Wi-Fi connections are the open network where anyone can access your personal data. So, it is not safe to use your cards there. Always use personal networking system for shopping purposes. Mobile may seem a good device to search for products. But, when it comes to the use of credit cards, it is not able to provide that much security. It will be better if you use a computer for the purchasing purpose.

•         While shopping from an online website, go through the terms and policies of the website. Also, try to understand what information is actually needed for the purchase. Do not put unnecessary data which is not required for the shopping. After buying the product, if you get any mail saying that you need to put your bank account detail or card number then treat it as a spam. Genuine companies only need your information for once.

From the above, you must have got some idea about the things you must do to safely buy steroids online with credit cards. If you follow these points, your online shopping will become easy and safe. There are many articles present online which you can check to get more information.

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Learn the Reasons Why People in the UK Prefer To Buy Steroids Online

Buying steroids is one of the most common activities for the professional bodybuilders and nowadays common people are not far from this action. They usually prefer to take these supplements to stay fit throughout the day. But, people are still confused about the right source to buy their secret of attractive physique.

The name of the UK comes early in the list if you ask for those countries where these steroids have an extensive application. In the digital world, entering into the steroid market, the internet has made our task as simple as possible. Common people including bodybuilding professionals, athletes, and sports persons prefer these online stores to buy anabolic steroids online in the UK.

The term anabolic indicates the performance of these supplements. If you are looking to enhance your personality having a nutritious diet and following an intense workout, you may find the result nil even after following this daily regime. By adding steroids in your daily diet, you can get the excellent result.

But, experiencing the best steroidal effect you have to sure that you is taking the most genuine product. As you are dealing with the high-risk product you should be careful about the quality. Buying steroids from an authentic and reliable source can make you safe in this process. But, the selection of the source can be tricky enough as this is tough to find out the most eligible source from a bunch of online stores.

Online sources are the most efficient way of buying steroids as you can purchase your product without facing any hassle. Along with this, several benefits are available with these virtual sources that are needed to mention.


Time-saving process: Dealing with the online stores can save your time. In the previous time, the buyers had to rush to the local market and had to search for his desired item. This is nothing but wasting a lot of time. With the introduction of online purchasing mode, you can save your time a lot.

Flexibility in purchasing: These online sources have a huge stock and those are displayed on their web page. Browsing the website, you can select the best item. Price and details of the product will be available and these are important for easy comparing.

Keep your identity personal: If you don’t like to reveal your details or secret of your attractive physique, selecting the online stores you will be beneficial. Here all your personal details or data will remain confidential.

Delivery of the product: Here, you don’t need to be worried about the collection of your steroid. Delivery will be available at your doorstep within the few days.

Online payment facility: These online sources offer safe and secure payment structure through which you can make your safe payment without handling cash.

Quality of the products: These shops only sell high quality steroids that are manufactured by well-known manufacturers. So, no quality related objection is expected here.

Sources are available in the UK to buy anabolic steroids online but you have to select the best source considering their reputation, experience, and customer review.

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Find the Best Suitable Store to Get Your Steroid Product

Health issues, these days, are pretty common whether you do anything or not but if you don’t do any sort of exercise or any work then it is quite obvious and might get severe with time. Exercise and fitness can really take you away from unwanted diseases and other severe health problems. Most of the people get obese for doing no work out or finding no time for exercising. Everyone is busy these days in the UK industries with their own jobs and this is why it is easy for the unwanted health problems to attack those people. Some follow diets and some do exercise and some buy steroids in UK. Well why steroids? This is may be few of the people’s questions. It has a lot of beneficial components and it has varieties. You may not know but some medicines include a little amount of steroid for better effects. People, when do not get any useful outcome for their respective diseases often find the steroid effects helpful.

Steroid products are mainly made of synthetic form of different human steroid hormones like Testosterone and many more. The steroid effects include high doses of a particular hormone which helps in the treatment of the lack of the hormones. Also you can be able to improve your health conditions and strength through increasing the effects and the amount of hormones by such supplementary products.


Where to buy steroid products in UK?

The steroid products are easily available in the market and the manufacturers use their quality techniques to produce highly effective steroid compounds. Using proper substances and some extraordinary effects the steroid products are made. People buy the steroid products mostly from the popular manufacturers those are easily available in the online market. Well the online steroid stores are now the most demanding for supplying steroids. After the ban of steroid sale in the open markets only very few steroid products are available in rare pharmacy stores offline. This is why with the help of online steroid suppliers the UK people and especially the bodybuilders buy their choice of steroid products easily.

Why to choose online suppliers for buying steroids?

  • The online suppliers provide a huge stock of different kinds of steroid products which is really helpful as often the availability is a large issue when you cannot find any particular steroid compound that you use.
  • You can be able to get high quality steroid products as online stores are very cautious in maintaining their product quality as they know one review in their site can cause shatter their steroid business. After all customer satisfaction is the only thing they focus on.
  • The price range is way cheaper than any other offline steroid markets. You can also find a lot of sale offers which can be helpful in bulk steroid buying.
  • Through online you can be able to order from the comfort of your home and with proper shipping service you will get your ordered product delivered to the given address carefully.

So no more searching issues regarding the availability of your steroid and you can comfortably start off your cycle without any hitch.

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Guide To Order Genuine Steroids from Online

Using the genuine steroidal supplements provides lots of benefits to the users. But it is very unfortunate that most of the people don’t know the proper application of them and that’s why they cannot get the positive effects. Today, using steroids has become the latest trend and most of the teenagers follow this trend for achieving a strong and attractive physique. Since people in the UK are very concerned about their health for this reason, it is seen that people in this country use them mostly. If you live in this country, then you must know that buying these supplements from the physical stores in this country is very tough and that’s why people in the UK buy steroids from online.


Steroids are the chemical supplements that bring lots of changes into the users’ physique. These supplements are the derived form of testosterone and they promote the production of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Furthermore, these substances also provide strong muscular physique with huge muscles, fat-free abdomen, high bone density, increased red blood cells and maximum strength and stamina etc. Since these supplements can improve users’ physique within a short time, so sports people prefer using them in their daily life.

Did you know that, today, a large number of ordinary people in the UK also use these substances? Actually, achieving an attractive physique is a common dream of the human beings. And to fulfill this kind of dream, people in this country use these substances. But sources say that, very few of them use these elements properly. Inappropriate use of these substances may cause of many health issues like, gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hair loss, fatigue etc. In order to avoid these health issues, steroid users should use proper PCT supplements.


It is true that using steroids without having any proper reasons is a punishable offence and that’s why physical store owners don’t provide these supplements without doctors’ recommendation. However, for this reason, people in this country purchase their required supplements from online. In fact, you must know that many people in the UK buy steroids from online. If you visit the global market you can find here numerous online sources that supply varieties steroidal supplements. But people should buy their necessary products from the reliable sources.

If you are looking buy steroidal supplements from the renowned source, then you must visit their web pages carefully. Through this way, you can get a clear concept about the online source. Remember, before buying these supplements people should check the quality and suitable dosage of the product carefully. Furthermore, people should ask to the suppliers that whether they are able to provide online steroids buying facilities to the buyers or not. Many people in these days, but steroids from the online source and some of them follow the proper process. So, if you want to achieve the positive effects of these supplements then you must buy them from the reliable online source.

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Have a brief discussion on Dianabol

“Health is wealth” it is a very common proverb and many people in these days follow this adage. Sources say that, today, a large number of people (mainly teenagers) have become very concerned about their physique and that’s why they do various exercises regularly. Though exercises are the best way of improving our health and physique but this process is very time consuming. And people in these days want to achieve very quick results so they use various steroidal supplements along with performing exercises. These steroidal supplements help people to gain their desired results quickly. If you also belong to those people who want to achieve strong muscular physique then you must buy Dianabol and use it properly.

bodybuilding strengthandsteroids

Dianabol is a kind of oral anabolic androgenic supplement and this substance is widely used as a bulking steroid. Dianabol is a derived form of testosterone and this supplement improves users’ testosterone level. Testosterone is a kind of human body produce natural hormone and this hormone is very necessary for male physique. It is seen that insufficient testosterone may cause of many health issues like delayed puberty, weak muscles, weak bones, lower sperm count etc. To prevent from these health issues, victims use oral Dianabol since this supplement improve users’ testosterone level.

 Dianabol promotes the production of users’ protein synthesis and nitrogen retention and that’s’ why people who use this supplement get huge and attractive muscles. Furthermore, this supplement provides developed physique, strong bones, higher energy, increased red blood cells etc. Many sports people like athletes and professional body buildera prefer using this supplement in their bulking cycle mostly. Many ordinary people also buy Dianabol and use this supplement in their steroid cycle to achieve their desired physique.

It is true that Dianabol has many positive effects but it is also true that this oral supplement also carries many adverse impacts as well. since this supplement is made of many powerful ingredients so improper use or long time use of this supplement may cause of many health issues like gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure, hair loss, body hair and facial hair growth, fatigue, sleep disorder, liver damage, aggressiveness etc. In order to prevent from these side effects people should use proper PCT supplements. The recommended dosage of this supplement is 15 to 50mgs per day. But before using this supplement people should consult with an expert properly.

bodybuilding image strengthandsteroids

You must know that buying Dianabol without prescription is a punishable offence and that’s why people prefer avoiding physical outlets. In fact, many people in these days buy Dianabol from online steroid stores. Though many online sources are available at the global market but to find an authentic source people should visit the web pages of the site properly. And people should buy these supplements from those sources which have minimum 5 years’ business experiences in this respective field. People should also check the clients’ reviews of the source carefully. Remember, authentic online source provides high quality steroids at a reasonable price to their clients. So, don’t waste your time and buy genuine Dianabol from a reliable online source carefully.

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Make your performance dynamic with Dianabol Tablets

Bodybuilders of every generation work hard tirelessly in order to obtain certain extra dimension of their physique. Countless years they practice, sometimes they achieve a prolonged success and rest of the times a number of them becomes frustrated as they don’t find the desired result on their body. During their training session they need to face a number of problems like lack of the endurance power, growth of muscle mass, gaining his desired weight. For all of those, the anabolic steroid is a blessing of science that is now enormously suggested as well as applied in bodybuilding. Other than bodybuilding, athletes of different sports like swimming, wrestling, rugby also use this kind of anabolic steroid during their professional career of sportsmanship. You don’t need to deny that dianabol is something that almost every bodybuilder has been using for last five or six years significantly. Like any other steroid this steroid can also be applied both orally as a pill and by injection. But bodybuilders are often seen to prefer the first method while taking dianabol tablets.

dianabol tablets in UK

Dianabol was developed primarily to enhance the performance of the competitors in a competition. The compounds of dianabol are tactfully designed with an effort to keep the balance of the anabolic properties of testosterone hormone with less androgenicity. A number of bodybuilders are on the view that they have witnessed dramatic changes in their body shape as well as in their endurance power after taking dianabol for a considerable period of time. Several studies reveal that a bodybuilder gains at least 20lbs of muscle mass by taking it for only for two to three weeks. Furthermore, a section of bodybuilders sometimes use it to keep their body shape maintained during their in cutting session. That is why buying dianabol tablets has become a hot topic among all.


Now, one of the most significant questions arises as to where you can buy this dianabol tablets safely. It is because a number of times it has been reported that customers are supplied with fake steroids from a few online stores. In this case you can rely on us. We are very reputed online store who have been selling legitimate steroids for a long time; we also offer you to pay by credit card, debit card or direct bank transfer. Visit our online store for all details.

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Buy Steroids Online

Approach Carefully Before Buying Steroids Online

When you are thinking to buy steroids from online stores at first you need to trust that online store. In this case established companies get more preferences than that of the new corporate that have hardly any record of internet sales and marketing. Often it is seen that a certain product is ordered but a completely different product is dispatched to you. This concern rises when it is time to buy steroid online. Buying steroids from a least trusted store may lead you to some legal problems as well as a number of foreign countries have banned the sale of steroids.

But, once it was believed that steroid is something that was primarily applied only among the bodybuilders of the western countries. And practically so, all the international level competitions were predominated by those bodybuilders. But now the scenario has eventually changed. Competitors of all over the world have started to use steroids in order to achieve quick success in competition.

Besides, now is the age of facebook, twitter, whats app, instagram etc. All these technological advancements have provided ample opportunities to everyone across the world to discuss different problems online and then find solutions too. So, why do you not rely on buying steroids online from a reputed online store?

buy steroids online uk - bodybuilding

Steroids can be taken both orally and by injection; many of the bodybuilders chooses the first while the rest prefers the second. So, it would be better to choose from all the various products category wise.

Undeniably, keeping all the results a lot of bodybuilders prefer to take steroids. And why not? Steroids can help you to recover muscle fast, increase the muscle mass, improve lean muscle, improve the endurance power etc. Steroids can also help to reduce weight significantly. So wide its varieties are that the popularity of steroids is growing enormously. Studies reveal that proper intake of steroids under the proper guidance of experienced physician can produce some awesome results. The result can be easily seen in a physique of a bodybuilder.

Now if you are pretty sure to buy steroid from a perfect online store please homepage . here you can get all sorts of steroids in a hassle free manner.

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Enjoy buying legit steroids from online without any mistake

The use of steroids is no longer restricted in the gyms and among the professional athletes. This has come out of that boundary and now the use has become quite axiomatic. People from all walks of life are now interested in using steroids to either improve their physical appearance or shaping up their muscles. The quick impacts of steroids have made users attracted to these substances since most of us have no time to wait for the bodybuilding results. The use is largely seen in the UK among the young guys.

Steroid use in the UK

Not only the young guys, steroids are used by the middle- aged people as well depending on their profession. Basically when it comes to the physical ability in the professional field, people in the UK rely on steroids mostly. And where do they buy their steroids from? The answer is very obvious, it’s online. Most of the users buy steroids online in the United Kingdom. We all know how this can benefit users who are interested to use steroids for the physical advantages.

bodybuilding exercise

But not everyone share the same experience, a lot of people are there in the UK and in other parts of the world, they have experienced the real disadvantages of using steroids from online. Let’s hear what some of the users have to say about that. “I placed order for Winstrol with a so-called reliable online steroid supplier and I had made the payment as well. But till date I have received nothing against my money. Whenever I have tried to get in touch with the officials, I have received nothing but silence,” says Andrew, a young college student and a bodybuilder. The same kind of situation has been experienced by a number of users.

Is it really advantageous?

Such instances obviously create doubt in the mind of the users regarding whether it is safe to buy steroids from online or not. One thing is very clear and that is millions of users are satisfyingly using steroids from online without any problem. So if they can, other users can also do that. What actually makes the difference is the diligence.

There are a part of the users who make it a point to do all their research about the supplier and about the product quality prior to buying steroids from online. And certainly they end up buying the genuine steroids.

fitness man using steroids

And those who have no time to spend on research, who are always in hurry to get their stuffs from online are more likely to end up getting the wrong substances. So, instead of getting involved in contradictions, I think users will be benefited if they do their research properly.

The solution
If you are going to buy steroids online in the United Kingdom then you should always buy from Strength and Steroids. You can perform all the research about the supplier you want and you can rest assured that the results will be positive all the time. Thousands of users in this country rely on this steroid supplier when it comes to getting hold of genuine steroids.

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